10 Unhealthy Food to Avoid

Dieting can be hard, and there are many forms of unhealthy food out there that can either temp you or mislead you to break your diet code. These unhealthy foods can label themselves as “healthy”, “organic”, or “diet-friendly” on the front label but under nutrition facts tell a different story.

Dieting and changing your lifestyle can be difficult to do, and we understand that. To help you stay on track, we compiled a list of foods to avoid while dieting.

Fast Food

Well, I think we all understand the need to avoid fast-food chains but fail to understand how difficult it can be. In today’s market, many fast-food restaurants are more affordable, thanks to dollar menus, and this makes it all the more tempting. Most meals you can find in fast food chains contain highly processed meats, high fatty foods, and foods labeled as healthy but in reality are really not.

Your body does not react well to fast-food, in fact without it your immune system, overall health, and weight loss improves. According to a study at the University of Bonn, the body’s immune system treats high fat and high-calorie foods as a bacterial infection. Imagine that next time you’re staring at a drive-thru window.

Salad Dressings

Salads are healthy for you during a diet, but the dressings vary on the health scale. Celebrities and nutritionists often omit store-bought dressings and create their own dressing concoction to prevent unnecessary calorie intake. Creating your own salad dressing allows you to personalize via taste and you know exactly what is in your dressing. Next time you are at the grocery store and happen to walk by the dressings, pick up a bottle and look at the nutrition facts. Or create one of your own!


Whether they are diet sodas or regular, you’re better off just avoiding them all together. Soda can affect your body in ways that you can’t believe. It also does not help those who are preparing for or already had weight loss surgery.Artificial sweeteners found in most sodas can trigger your pancreas to make insulin, the chemical needed to store fat. Dropping soda from your shopping list not only saves you a few dollars but it a great way to promote a household lifestyle change. Drinking water is a great alternative. But if you need to add something to it that not only adds nutrients but also flavor, check out some of our Diet cold drink products.


This can vary from your average candy bar to cakes, cookies, and pastries.But cutting the sweets from your diet can help promote healthy weight loss. It is known that these sugary and sweet products contain high amounts of processed and natural sugars. But they also contain refined wheat flour, which is to be avoided on low carb diets.Talking about sweets should be its own post in itself because of the varying types of high sugary foods available on the market. Always check the nutrition facts on any product that you are shopping for. For most average healthy adults, the sugar intake should be 25 grams or less a day.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, try to avoid any candy, cookies, cakes and ice cream.

Try healthy alternatives like fruits, veggies, and even our snack bar alternatives.


Beer, the liquid carbs, and other high-calorie drinks should be avoided during your diet journey. Mixing alcohol with sugary mixtures like soda or margarita mix should be avoided. According to BodyBuilding.com, “alcohols well documented deleterious effects-diminished performance, mental impairment, possible addiction, diabetes, and liver disease to varying degrees in certain individuals could be seen as a good reason to steer clear of it.”

Not only can it hinder your weight loss plans, but it can affect necessary body functions and inhibitions. If you are to drink limit yourself to two glasses and choose low-calorie drinks. Most restaurants will provide calorie counts on certain alcohols available.


According to the media reports on the U.S. Congress, Pizza is a vegetable due to the amount of tomato sauce in each serving. But this “vegetable” should be avoided if you are dieting to lose weight. Pizza contains refined flour, a high-fat content, and a high sodium content. If you are on a specific diet, low carb, for example, pizza should be avoided.

Anything Fried

Deep fried and oily foods are a great way to ruin the diet and feel sluggish. Fried foods are dipped in boiling fat or oil. Most restaurants even save and reuse oil, which is not recommended due to the residue from previous contents. Often these foods are full of calories, fat, and sodium which can cause your body to store it as fat. There are almost no nutrients present in fried foods and is high in trans fats and cholesterol, it even increases your risk for heart disease. Skip the deep-fried foods, and you’ll notice a difference in your body and mood in no time.

Sugary Fruit Juices

More than likely, your morning glass of OJ contains more sugar than you realize. The problem with fruit drinks like bottled smoothies or fruit juices is that it's promoted as something healthy and nutritious. But if you look at the nutrition facts on the back, they contained added sugars and more than likely are not as nutritious as natural fruit. They may even contain more calories than a soda due to added substances.

Frozen Dinners

Though some frozen dinners are marketed as healthy and nutritious, you have to watch that sodium count. Most nutritionists will recommend 1500 mg of sodium a day, that equals out to 3.75 grams a day. By calculating the amount of sodium you’re eating can determine whether you are exceeding or meeting that limit. Most average Americans exceed this number.

Sports Drinks

These products are marketed as a water alternative. We often see athletes in the commercials, demonstrating the product’s ability to hydrate and provide electrolytes. Though it contains a certain amount of nutrients that can provide energy for athletes and active children, it also contains added substances that can be harmful. Sports drinks have added sugar for flavor. The amount of sugar almost meets the sugar content of soda. According to a Berkeley study, researchers have found a link of sugar in sports drinks to childhood obesity and later development of diabetes. Water is the best source of hydration and is a recommended source by doctors and nutritionists alike.

The same Berkeley researchers have also found a connection between sports drinks and poor dental health. Due to the sugar content and high acidity in sports drinks, researchers have found it can erode tooth enamel and cause dental caries.

These unhealthy foods can all be easily replaced with healthier alternatives to promote optimal weight loss. Dieting is not easy and in our society, snacking and “pigging out” is marketed as affordable and filling. But by making a diet and lifestyle change you will realize that eating healthy not only improves your health but your mindset as well. If you stop eating unhealthy foods, after a while, you will stop craving them. By creating meal plans and adding more nutritious foods to your diet, unhealthy food will be a distant memory.

By just simply reading nutrition facts on the back of store-bought products, you are already making a change for the better. Watching what you consume by looking at the calorie, sodium and sugar count, you are making a healthier choice and improving your overall lifestyle.