4 Sweet Tooth Picks For National Dessert Day

This Saturday is officially National Dessert Day! And we are celebrating with 15% off all desserts storewide with coupon code:


We know you love dessert as much as we do, especially when it can actually help you reach your weight loss goals! So we’ve selected a few of our favorite sweet treats that you can stock up on this weekend only!

Bariatric Dulce De Leche Diet Protein Pudding

National Dessert Day

Enjoy a delicious dish of smooth, creamy Dulce de Leche pudding as an after-dinner treat or to help settle late-afternoon sweet cravings. Prepare it with ice water or refrigerate overnight for an extra delicious creamy treat.

Bariatric Soft Baked Brownie

National Dessert Day

If you like the taste of fresh-baked brownies warm from the oven, you’ll love these Soft Baked Brownies! Bake in the microwave or conventional oven, and you have a rich, chocolaty experience with filling protein and fiber, fortified with vitamins and minerals. These brownies are a delightful way to help you reach a healthier weight!


Bariatric Raspberry Diet Protein Gelatins

National Dessert Day

These easy to prepare Raspberry Diet Protein Gelatins are also sugar and fat-free so your weight loss goals are easily attainable. Pre-prepare a few servings to store in Tupperware to make for quick snacks to grab on the go!

Bariatric Decadent Double Chocolate Square Bar

National Dessert Day

These Decadent Double Chocolate Square Bars are a great alternative to a fudge brownies. They’re soft and chewy and bursting with rich chocolatey flavors. Most brownies aren’t so diet-friendly as they come loaded with too many calories and too much sugar. These taste just as good, but with only 170 calories and 2g of sugar per square!