A Food Lover's Guide to Dieting

Congratulations on taking the first steps towards a newer you! By just simply changing your eating habits, you're on track towards achieving your weight loss goals. Whether you plan on naturally shedding pounds or have looked into bariatric surgery, it is important to learn and understand how eating can affect your ability to achieve your goals. 

Why do we need food?

Food is our way to receive energy in order to function throughout our day. Food nourishes our body to help us grow and develop properly. As a child, you may remember being told to "eat this to make you strong" or "have this to make you grow tall." Well, that wasn't just to get you to finish your meals but to also help you gain the nutrients you need. If you don't eat, your body will make it known it's unhappy with you. 

But for those who enjoy eating more than others, it may be difficult to stop even after filling up to our limit. This causes the stomach to stretch and grown and our gut soon follows. In order to begin a new diet, you have to find a new appreciation for the foods you eat. How? By practicing health-conscious decisions for the better. 

Eat for Nutrition, Not Entertainment

Some of the issues many overweight patients experience includes overeating due to boredom or a need for entertainment. Some eat for emotional support and many other mental instability issues. But for now, we're going to focus on eating for entertainment... Just try not to do it. We've all done it before: eating something while watching television, doing homework, playing video games, etc. But the problem is, what you may be eating may not provide any real nutritional value to you or you aren't even hungry but you're still eating. Most snacks people consume are high in fats, carbs, and calories. After eating these types of snacks, people may not be participating in enough physical activity to burn off those macronutrients. 

Substitute unhealthy food for a healthy alternative.

Eat wholesome, nutritious foods that will provide your body with a boost, not something that will slow you down. Eat fruits, vegetables, or one of our healthy snacks to control your hunger. 

Portion Control

One of the other issues many overweight patients experiences includes eating too large portions in a matter of minutes. Practicing portion control is an essential step to take when changing lifestyle habits. Most bariatric patients are advised to eat or drink their meals six times a day, in small portions. This allows your metabolism to function at its best by it constantly breaking down food. If you are ever eating and the feeling of fullness comes upon you, stop eating. Save the rest of the dish for later, there is no shame in not finishing a meal. Eat slowly so your body has enough time to properly fill itself. If you eat a large portion really quickly, your body is unsure if its full until there's way too much food within it. 

Try New Healthy Foods

Just eating soups every day can become very dull very quickly. It is important to always mix up the flavors of your dishes. Research new trending health foods or dishes you can try at home. You don't have to eat dry chicken every day. Or you can see our recipes and utilize our products in your meals. 

Meal Prep

It is important to plan out what exactly you are to eat throughout the week. This prevents you from breaking your diet and unhealthy snacking. Sticking to a strict shopping list and eating schedules put your body on the right track to shedding weight effectively. 

If you ever have issues with planning and cooking everything beforehand, we have a simple solution. Here at Bariatric Lifestyle Diet, we've created a meal plan program that is easy to use, delicious to taste, and a healthy way to shed pounds quickly. Choose between our two, four, and twelve-week program to help you achieve those #bodygoals.

Drive Past the Drive Thru

No more fast, greasy, and processed foods. Time to say bye to all those empty calories and carb loaded meals. Eating at home can not only save you money, it can help save your body in the long run. Fast food is no longer your friend. If you are also beginning an exercise regime, fast food will undo all of which you've worked for. There's no fun in working twice as hard because you decided to eat a greasy cheeseburger. 

These are only some steps you can start taking to improve yourself and begin your weight loss journey. Be healthy and happy with yourself by choosing a healthier lifestyle.