Alternative Nutrition: Vitamin Patches

Before and after weight loss surgery, it is important to ensure you have the necessary vitamins and mineral to recover properly. For patients who have newly reconstructed digestive systems, it is harder for the body to absorb naturally occurring nutrients. Solid foods may not be an option to some and they look to nutritional supplements for a source of nutrition. 

Thanks to medical advancement there are now other ways for us to receive vitamins and minerals.

Ways our body receives nutrients

As we know our body absorbs naturally occurring nutrients often found in our meals. They break food down to create energy and vitamins to support our functioning body. But sometimes even food may not have enough nutrients. Did you know, the traditional modern diet lacks very important nutrients. According to Healthline, the common deficiencies are iron, iodine, vitamin D, vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin A, and magnesium.

Oral supplements are another way for our body to receive the important nutrients. Chewable, dissolvable tablets are often available online or at your local grocery store. Here at Bariatric Lifestyle diet, we also offer liquid vitamins for those who prefer something easier to swallow. Liquid vitamins are often preferred in bariatric patients due to its ability to easily absorb in their new digestive system. But for those who may have experienced a more complicated weight loss surgery, they look to other means to get their vitamins. 

Vitamin Patches

If you are like many others searching on the internet for hours for the best of the best, you may have heard of this popular brand. Patch MD. They are the industry's number one seller of topical vitamin patches. These convenient patches make taking your vitamin easier because you no longer need to swallow or wait for a special time of day to take them. These simple, easy to hide stickers contain all the nutrients needed for a proper daily dose. Ditch the pill organizer and use a simple sticker instead.

How does it work?

These patches utilize the skin to completely bypass the digestive system and allow the vitamins to absorb into the bloodstream. This makes it easier for bariatric patients to get the vitamins they need without irritating their stomach or sleeve. Studies have shown vitamins can be safely be delivered through the dermal route and can be used to treat common nutritional deficiencies. 

With Patch MD's three-layer technology, this convenient products can make taking your vitamins the easiest part of your day. The first layer contains the adhesive contact layer that allows the patch to stick to virtually anywhere on the body. The second layer, the Multi-Nutritional Layer, is specially designed to release the nutrients throughout their eight to twelve-hour lifespan. The third and final layer ensures structural support for the patch. 

Who can use it?

Virtually anyone over the age of 12 can use these vitamin patches. You don't have to be a bariatric patient, anyone looking to increase their vitamin intake can use these products. Patch MD caters to children as well as the elderly who need all the vitamins and nutrients essential for development and aging. This product is ideal for bariatric patients who are worried about irritating their systems. 

Easy to Use 

There are no complicated instructions on how to put on these patches. Just peel off the back, stick it onto the skin where there is little to no hair, remove after eight hours, and repeat. It can be worn day or night. During the hours when you are active or just sitting at your desk. Unfortunately, this product is not waterproof and can fall off areas of skin that have cream or lotion on it. To avoid the sticker from falling off, users generally place the sticker on their upper arm or shoulder. You can even wear multiple vitamin patches at once, for those who are missing two or three types of vitamins from their life. 

Are there any risks?

These patches have little to no risks to the body as far as research has found. Patch MD does not test on animals and does not replace prescribed medicines. It should not be used as a prescribed medicine alternative. Multiple patches can be worn throughout the day, though there have been some reports of skin irritation and other minor issues to those who wear more than 17 patches a day. 

Where can I purchase these patches?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to find these patches at your local grocery store. It can only be purchased online either through the manufacturers or other online stores. Browse through our online Patch MD collection and find your perfect nutritional fit. Prevent vitamin deficiencies and improve your overall health with our variety of nutritional supplements.