Avoiding Sugar? Here's some tips

One of the worst things about dieting is constant cravings, especially for something sweet.

Here are some tips we’ve found helpful when trying to avoid the excess sugar:

  1. Avoid all processed foods: Candy, Cakes, Cookies, Oh My! These snacks are loaded with large amounts of sugar that can add to the pounds that you want to be gone. If the product is vacuumed packed for “freshness” like a bag of chips, or frozen until heated like a microwavable meal, it should be avoided. These items also have high amounts of sodium which can also affect your blood pressure. Next time you’re in the grocery store, start checking the nutrition labels on the back of products, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find.
  2. Pick up a fruit or veggies instead: The natural way of satisfying a sweet tooth can be solved by biting into a sweet peach or a tart kiwi. Some fruits have a low sugar count while also containing other beneficial nutritional values such as antioxidants, which can lower risks of contracting infections and cancer. Berries are highly recommended as a great source of antioxidants and have low sugar counts. If you freeze them, they make a great summer snack. 
  3. Drink Water: Your craving might just be your body telling you to pick up a glass a water. Most health officials recommend that a person consume 8 glasses a water, 64 oz., a day. Studies have shown those who have poor hydration often have high health risks. Drinking more water speeds up your metabolism, allowing the body to burn the fat with the extra energy from water. Start your day with a cool glass of water, and soon you'll feel the benefits. 
  4. Rid yourself of the temptation: The best way not to think about it is to not see it. Removing products with an excess amount of sugars can help you avoid the last night sugary snacks. This can not only help you but help others living with you, they are probably eating just as much or maybe more sugary foods than you are. This is a sure way to change your family into a healthier lifestyle as well.
  5. Motivation and staying active: Remember to stay motivated when removing excess sugar from your diet. You are doing this for a reason and the best way to stay on track is to keep going. If you’re feeling for a sugary snack go out for a walk or a brief exercise and remind yourself “I don’t need it.”