Helpful Tech for Bariatric Needs

Now that you’ve been given the okay to start working out it's time to keep track of your life. Here are some helpful apps and tech that can help you keep track of your exercise habits.


This wristband accessory is one of the newest forms of technology that many health-conscious people are raving about. The Fitbit can track the number of steps taken, calories burned, heart rate and distance traveled by sending its report to your mobile app downloaded onto your phone. Depending on the amount you’re willing to pay there are several different Fitbits with exclusive features that will make tracking your workout easier.

Smartwatch alternatives are also available Google or Apple Store.

Bariatric IQ

This mobile device app not only acts as a weight tracker but also acts as a dietitian, helps locate nearby bariatric friendly restaurants, provides motivational messages, and dozens of informative articles related to weight loss surgery. This app also allows you to get in touch with real doctors, dietitians, and plastic surgeons along with access to community forums with people just like you.

Baritastic-Bariatric Tracker

This free mobile app makes it easy for bariatric surgery patients to not only keep track of their exercise regiment but also gives recipes, reminders, and goals for patients to meet. This app is recommended for patients before and after the surgery to not only take down progress but motivates you to keep going.


This free mobile device is available for iOS, Android and Windows phone. This application tracks your movements, calories burned, pace and the amount of distance traveled either on foot or bike. This app is strictly for tracking your exercise progress, letting you know how close you are to your ideal weight loss goal.

Doctors recommend regular exercise and a healthy diet in order to maintain or reach your ideal weight goal.