Top 8 Diet Snacks

During the weight loss process, limiting your snacking can be the most difficult part. We know dieting is hard, and choosing whether or not to snack can hinder your ability to lose weight. Restricting yourself or limiting your snack choice can put you on the right track to losing weight. 

We've compiled a list of diet-friendly snacks from our own site and recommendations that can help you lose weight in no time. 


If you are hesitant to try diet products immediately, adding more fruits to your diet can help. Fruits can provide several different benefits to the body, and they taste great too. Some fruits especially berries, are rich in antioxidants and provide several other nutritional values. According to WebMD, antioxidants assist the body in preventing certain medical conditions like some cancers, macular degeneration, and arthritis-related conditions. Eating an apple a day, may, in fact, keep the doctor away. By adding fruits to your meal plan, you will notice a difference in your energy, mood, and physique.

During the recovery stage of weight loss surgery, be careful of the types of fruits you are consuming, and how much you are eating. Soft fruits can be easily blended and added to protein shakes to assist with healthy bowel movements. 


This is another natural approach to snacking the healthy way. Utilizing some vegetables, whether it be carrot sticks or leafy greens, veggies can also provide a source of nutritional vitamins and minerals to the body. Commonly, people would snack on carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, green beans, and even broccoli. These and many other forms of vegetables taste great but be warned they can easily become unhealthy. Avoid unhealthy salad dressings when eating cold veggies, they can add extra calories to your light and healthy snack.

Soft veggies are a must before and after weight loss surgery. Eating soft boiled vegetables provides the body with nutrients needed to promote normal bodily functions. Sweet potatoes or mashed soft carrots are a great transitioning food when heading toward the next stage of recovery. When you are able to eat more solid foods, you can add all types of nutritional vegetables to your meals. Always consult with your doctor before transitioning to the next recovery stage in your diet. 

Bariatric Lifestyle Diet Protein Bars

On our website, we offer a wide variety of protein bar flavors. There are several positives to eating a protein bar as a mid-day snack or a midnight meal. Protein bars, due to its high protein-low caloric count can be a great small meal substitute. Our variety of choices will make your sweet tooth sing, and keep your stomach full. 

These products are great for those who are trying not to have too large meals throughout the day. Before and after weight loss surgery, you will need to follow a strict diet and sometimes your cravings will get the best of you. Luckily our protein bars are medically approved and taste great too. 

Protein Chips

If you are a potato chip lover, these snack products are perfect for you. These specially formulated chips by NutriWise and other trusted brands are great tasting and light to meet your diet snacking needs. We offer a variety of flavors from salt and vinegar, to cheddar flavored chips. You can even serve them up to your kids, who will enjoy the great taste. These snacks vary between 130 and 160 calories and contain more than 10 grams of protein. You can snack away and not feel any guilt thanks to our low sugar, alternative snacking products. Try a bag today, and order more for tomorrow.


No, we don't mean those average cookies you get at the grocery store. We mean our exclusively bariatric friendly cookies. These cookies taste so great, its hard to believe its diet food. Our cookie products are great for those who cannot live without their baked goods. We have a variety to choose from like chocolate chip cookies with icing, chocolate sandwich cookies, and several others. 

Bariatric Lifestyle Diet Protein Shakes

The awesome part about these protein shakes mixes are not only the variety of flavors but the way you can create it. With these products, you have the choice of creating a delicious after meal pudding or a smooth workout shake that will have you full in no time. These products are simple to make, just add water and whatever other flavor enhancers you would like. Our selections of protein products are only 100 calories and 15 grams of protein per serving, which makes a great light diet-friendly snack. Add fruits or peanut butter to your favorite flavor, and you'll never dread drinking your protein ever again.

Protein shakes are important during the liquid stage of your post-op or pre-op diet. During that stage, you cannot consume any solids and need a secondary source of nutrients to help your body. The protein within each serving of our products provides enough nutrients to substitute a meal. 

Protein Variety Packs

If you are an indecisive person, this type of product is made for you. Can't make a choice between different flavors? Try them all! The variety box comes with a serving of our most popular flavors. If you want a specific brand protein bars, protein shakes, or a hot drink mixes we have several different selections in store. Browse through our variety packs and find your favorite flavor within each.

Zipper Snacks 

This one is for this chip lovers yet again. This is a healthier, bariatric friendly chip that tastes so good and full of protein, you'll love your diet plans. We sell three different types of zipper snack flavors: tangy tomato, chipotle BBQ, and sour cream & fine herb. With only 15 grams of protein, feel full and energized with this great mid-day snack. 

These products are not only delicious but if eaten alongside a healthy meal plan, your diet journey will go along smoothly. You can also check out our meal products through our intensive meal plan that will have you shedding pounds in no time. Whether you want to lose weight for the summer, health reasons, or just to feel better we have the products that can help you get there. Motivation, diet, and regular exercise are the keys you need to succeed. If you can think it, you can do it! Be the person you want to be by pushing through it. Dieting is one of the hardest parts of weight loss, and we are here to help you stick to your diet and lose the weight in no time.