What is Body Mass Index?

Understanding Body Mass Index (BMI)

If you’ve never heard of Body Mass Index (BMI) before, you may be new to the concept of weight management and bariatric surgery. The BMI is a measurement of a person’s relative size, based on their height and weight. The body mass index is one of the various methods used to determine if an individual is of healthy weight, or if they are at risk of developing a weight-related health condition. It also plays a significant part in determining whether an individual is a strong candidate for bariatric surgery.

Body Mass Index

How to calculate your BMI:

To calculate your body mass index value, you can use an online BMI calculator, or conduct a simple formula using your height and weight. Known as the Imperial BMI Formula, you can use this to determine your BMI:

(Weight (lbs.) * 703) / Height (inches)^2

Multiply your weight in pounds by 703 and divide that value by your height in inches, squared.

Body Mass Index Chart

Things to Keep in Mind:

The BMI tool is best used as a general guideline but is not meant to be a diagnostic tool. For individuals with higher muscle mass, such as athletes, the body mass index may be inaccurate. The best determination of your overall state of health and weight is through your primary physician.

Methods such as weighing oneself, measuring BMI, or using skinfold calipers allow people to get a general sense of how healthy they are. Although these methods can give people accurate results, factors, such as the amount of lean muscle mass, make a difference in the accuracy of the body fat measurement.

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