High Protein Hot Drinks

High Protein Hot Drinks

One sip and you’re in heaven! Your favorite hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and cappuccino drinks are here and they are high in protein and low in sugar. These rich and delicious hot drink mixes are a sure way to warm you up while giving your wellness efforts the boast they need. Varying from coffee to hot chocolate, these drinks are a perfect way to start and end your day, and if you aren’t a fan of caffeine, we have your decaf options. Enjoying your morning or late night beverage now means assisting with your weight loss goals as our specially formulated, high-protein mixes will give you the nutrients you need. We have classics like hot chocolate and creamy cappuccino, or if you enjoy more exotic drinks, try our Chai tea, Amaretto hot chocolate, or creamy mint hot chocolate. It’s the best protein way to start your day!

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NutriWise - Chai Tea

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