ProtiWise is the perfect way to get the protein you need from a wide variety of products. High in fiber, while remaining low in carbohydrates and sugar, our protein-packed meals, snacks, and beverages will assist with weight loss success. With an average of only 150 calories and 15 grams of protein per serving, ProtiWise provides the protein you need even if you’re adhering to a low-calorie diet. Adequate protein intake has been proven to help lose weight, build muscle, and remain feeling full which fends off cravings. Whether you enjoy sweet or savory, Bariatrix nutritional products include smoothies, bars, wafers, puddings, chips, soups, bread, entrees, and hot and cold beverages. You’ll enjoy these delicious meals and snacks while getting the protein your body needs for your weight loss and wellness goals.

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ProtiWise - KetoFX

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