Bariatric Brands

As the go-to source for top quality bariatric diet food products, we offer patients a wide array of brands that are specially formulated to meet their specific needs. We only feature the most renown, high-quality brands that are approved for use by weight loss coaches, surgeons, doctors and specialists so you can choose your preferred food items freely. Each brand is known for specific features that help support bariatric post-op patients in different, yet supplementary ways:

Bariatric Premium Lifestyle Diet:

A well-rounded product line that focuses on replenishing lost nutrients in the body. Formulated specifically for weight loss patients at any stage of their process by practicing physicians and nutrition experts, health, fitness, and wellness professionals.

BariCare by Robard:

This great tasting beverage line contains the highest quality protein and controlled levels of fat and carbohydrates. This allows stored fat to be released and catalyzes fast weight loss.


Nutrient focused, as its name suggest. This product line excels at keeping your body pumped with nutrients and puts a special emphasis on the flavor of its products so eating them is never a chore.

Bariatric Advantage:

A vitamin supplement line specially designed for pre and post -op bariatric patients. Chewable, tasty multivitamins with a great selection of flavors.


This product line uses the science of your metabolism to your benefit; products contain slow digesting proteins, which help you feel an extended feeling of satisfaction, thus delaying hunger.

Bariatric Fusion:

This is a supplemental line of products, formulated for post-op bariatric patients who have regained weight or gone off track.


Proti diet, as its name implies, is a line that contains optimal amounts of protein and promotes protein absorption while protecting the muscle density in your body.


This line contains the building blocks of protein: essential and non-essential amino acids in the form of pre-digested liquids supplements, for easy intake.

HealthSmart Foods:

A sugar-free, low-calorie selection of shakes, protein bars and more that make dieting delicious.

Kay's Natural:

Kay’s Naturals features gluten-free cookies, cereals and crunchy snacks that contain high fiber and protein. It keeps your energy levels up, your moods stable and your metabolism performing at 100%