FREE Samples!

 How to get your free samples: (It's easy!)

  1. Start shopping. Remember: The more you buy, the more samples you'll get to choose!

  2. Go to your shopping cart to select your free samples from the drop down. The drop down only appears when there are items in your cart. There will be one drop down for each sample you qualify for, based on the amount of your order. Ex: orders up to $79.99 = 1 sample, orders from $80 to $119.99 = 2 samples, orders $120+ = 3 samples.

  3. Select your free sample(s) by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button. Always confirm your samples have been added to the cart before checking out.

Tip: For more details about a particular sample after it has been added to the cart, just click on it in the cart (you can remove it from the cart if you change your mind after learning more about it).

One last tip: Be adventurous! Choose a new diet product you've never tried before. You might discover an unexpected new personal favorite.

A note about the sample choices:
The diet products being sampled will vary over time, depending on availability and other factors. Some items we carry do not lend themselves to sampling—sorry! If you are trying to decide which free samples to choose, or if you need to identify a sample you have received, you can contact us by phone at 1-800-915-5122.